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20 Computer Vision Projects and Applications to learn with Deep Learning

What is Computer Vision? Human see through their eyes and process what they can see. This type of visual perception, when used … Read more

Scikit Learn Tutorial - Machine Learning with Python: A Sentiment Analysis Case Study

Today we are going to learn about Scikit-learn. Before that make sure you have knowledge of numpy, scipy, matplotlib, and pandas.… Read more

Introducing Calamari-OCR: - A High-Performance TensorFlow-based Deep Learning Package for Optical Character Recognition

Calamari is a new free and open-source TensorFlow-based optical character recognition package that uses the most advanced deep n… Read more

LRU Cache in Python | Let's talk about caching in Python | Tutorial on caching with functools.lru_cache

Let's talk about lru_cache . Need of LRU Cache while Programming There may have been a time, when we have to run a function O… Read more

Using Deep Learning Techniques to Classify Devanagari Handwritten Digits | PyTorch Tutorial

In this article we'll define and train a simple convolutional neural network to recognize Devanagari Handwritten digits. This… Read more

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