The Importance of Sitemap for SEO

Importance of Sitemap

Due to fierce competition between websites these days, it is not enough to only use traditional SEO tool for ranking your website. Now you can use both Sitemaps and SEO together for better ranking of your site. The search engine basically searches for metatags and .txt file in your site alongside other important data about your site. When you create an HTML or XML sitemap, it is placed on the homepage and made sure it contains information of all pages due to which all the pages in your website is crawled.
When an HTML sitemap is created, you must be sure that each individual link is paired with a brief description of the content contained within the link. As this is done, you'll need to add keywords about the information in these tags. As a result of this, the search engine will find the sitemap to be rich with the relevant keywords. When this happens, you can climb up the rankings in the search engine results pages. It helps Google and another search engine to easily understand your site structure while crawling. They are also known as URL inclusion protocols as they direct search engines on what to see on the website.

Generating Sitemap

While it sounds complicated to create a site map of your website, but it is actually very easy. There are many sitemaps generator that crawls your page and generate a sitemap for you. There are many formats of a sitemap(HTML,XML,rar) but having a .xml formatted sitemap is highly recommended. To get started in getting a sitemap just surf some sitemap generator and input your domain there. Some of the best sitemap generators are:



Submitting your Sitemap to Search Engine

Once you have created the sitemap of your website then you need to submit it to the search engines. Search engines like Google and Bing have made it a lot easier to add the sitemap with the help of their search console. Here is how you can submit your sitemap to the search engines:

In Google

  • Login to Google Search Engine and Input your website.
  • On the left side, you will find sitemaps click it.
  • Click on the add sitemap/test sitemap button and then submit your sitemap.

In Bing

  • Login to the Bing Webmaster Tool and add your site.
  • Click add sitemaps and submit your sitemap.
  • You can also add a meta tag in your default page for better search results.

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