Increase your Site's Google Ranking using Google Search Console.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is created to track your website’s performance. It is a free tool provided by Google to help the website owners monitor the performance of their site. It provides essential marketing data that you need to start tracking from day one. It also alerts you about errors, security issues, and indexing problems that may affect your website’s search rankings.
It includes several tools that give you insight into how your search result appears, what could be affecting its rise or decline in the rankings and how to fix potential issues that could be contributing to a decline. To start with the Google Search Console, you should follow the following steps:
  • Add your website to Google Search Console
  • Setup the preferred domain name
  • Set your target country
  • Add the XML Sitemap
  • Connect Google Search Console to Google Analytics
For the uninitiated, GSC tells you everything that you wish to know about your website and the people who visit it daily. For example, how much web traffic you’re attracting, what are people searching for in your site, the kind of platform (mobile, app, desktop) people are using to find you, and more importantly, what makes your site popular.
rating by Google search Console increases your following ways:
  • It improves search engine visibility.
  • Keywords are managed properly for increased traffic.
  • The virtual image of your site remains updated.
  • Provides Security from different cyber threats.
  • Show a report about how your content is performing in google's rich results.
  • Site becomes more compatible for accelerated mobile pages (AMP) compliances.
  • Analyze the backlinks of the site.
  • Google indexing gives rise to real-time website changes.

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